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In the era when grandparents were still children, many people have memories of cutting moon peaches to sell money to supplement their families. In childhood memories, Yuetao not only helps the family’s economy, but also the whole plant is useful. Yuetao has a strong vitality. Whether it is on the cliffs of the mountains or the seaside, you can see Yuetao everywhere in Taiwan. It is tough. Yuetao seemed to grow up without being discouraged.
Time flies, and the moon peach is gradually forgotten by the public. Some elders still remember the delicious fragrance of moon peach meat dumplings; some people only remember that moon peach can be seen everywhere; and now the younger generation of children are even more like moon peach blossoms, wild ginger flowers, and green onions. They don’t even recognize and don’t know Daozi! But with the advancement of science and technology, the moon peaches that were chopped off and thrown away in clumps in the past have been studied internationally for their hidden and precious effects one after another!
Grandpa Yuetao, He Yongwei, has never forgotten his feelings for Yuetao, hoping to promote Yuetao itself, which occupies a precious corner in his childhood memory, is actually a magical plant with so precious value, so the chairman became the present Grandpa Yuetao! Not only invested heavily in the German CO2 supercritical extraction production equipment, but also cooperated with the Jianan area to develop various products of moon peach and local characteristic plants. Nowadays, it is not only skin care products, daily necessities, essential oil fragrances, and even the medical industry. Become the stage of Yuetao!

What is moon peach?

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Plant name: Moon peach blossom (Yanshan ginger, jade peach, alpinia ginger, tiger jasmine)
Family name: Zingiberaceae
Scientific name: Alpinia zerumbet (Pers.) B.L. Burtt & R. M. Sm.
Characteristics: A perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the genus ginger family, 1-3 meters high, with broad-lanceolate leaves, 60-70 cm long and 10-15 cm wide, with fine hairs on the leaf margins and long leaf sheaths; panicles drooping , Length 20~30 Cm, the flower is funnel-shaped, the calyx is tubular, the lip in the corolla is large and yellow, with red dots and streaks, three stamens, but two become petal-shaped, only one is fertile, and one pistil. The stigma is drilled out from the anther of the stamen, the fruit is spherical, with many longitudinal edges, many seeds, blue-black or blue-gray, with white membranous arils.
[Traditional Chinese Medicine Nature and Flavor]: The four qi are "warm", and the five flavors are "pungent and bitter", and they are aromatic to reduce dampness.
[Indications]: Wind-cold headache, cold-deficiency diarrhea, cold limbs and inability to flexion and extension, menstrual pain, and muscle aches.


1. Rhizome of Moon Peach:

It is called Yanshan Ginger in Chinese medicine and can be collected all year round. In Taiwan, moon peach is a "folk plant" second only to bamboo. Whether it is Fujian, Hakka, or aboriginal people, moon peach is used. Because moon peach belongs to the ginger family and has the same tuber as ginger, it is commonly used by aborigines. The tender stems of Yuetao replace ginger and are used as an ingredient in home-cooked cooking. According to folklore, the roots of Yuetao can be used for diuresis and diuresis, relieve colds, and treat peptic ulcers after being cooked in soup. In addition to eating, the rhizome of the moon peach also has the effects of promoting qi and relieving pain and relieving fatigue. After being crushed, it can be used to treat swelling or decocted with medicine. It is often used to treat fever. >

2. Moon peach leaves and sheath:

In the early years, there was no nylon rope. The sun-treated moon peach leaf sheath can be woven as a fishing net. It can be soaked in the sea for more than 6 months without decay. It can also be woven into various back baskets, carrying baskets, suitcases, straw mats, etc., lightweight, It is beautiful, practical, and has a light fragrance. In addition, moon peach leaves are popular on the Dragon Boat Festival and can wrap rice dumplings to help digestion. Southern rice dumplings still often use moon peach leaves. It has a unique moon peach aroma. After steaming and extracting, it has anti-oxidant effect. . The aborigines also like to wrap food with moon peach leaves for picnics. The people of Ludao use moon peach leaves to wrap seafood dumplings, which have a unique flavor. It is common for meat vendors to wrap the pork with moon peach leaves and tie them with straw to carry them away. Convenient and environmentally friendly.

3. Moon Peach Blossom:

Moon peach blossoms bloom from May to July every year. They are one of the foods of small lycaenidae. Its nectar is called moon peach nectar, which has a unique fragrance. The flowers themselves can be used as food after being dried and processed. Before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, when the moon peach is in full bloom, if you want to enjoy the moon, you can go to the shallow mountains in the countryside to see its flowers up close to see the beauty of the yellow lips from its petals. Ornaments.

4. Moon peach seeds:

Moon peach seeds are encapsulated in thin-shelled fruits that are pink or orange when they are ripe. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Shrink sand scum (Amomum villosum), which mainly treats asthenia and cold diarrhea, abdominal pain, can warm the liver and kidneys, neutralize and promote qi, treat the stagnation of spleen and stomach qi, in order to replenish the lungs, wake up the spleen, and nourish the stomach To invigorate the kidney and regulate vitality." Commonly known as Amomum in Taiwan, 9 ~ Matured in October, it is the raw material for making Rendan flavor. It has the effects of clearing heat and soothing, invigorating the stomach and regulating the spleen. Wild animals such as Taiwan kiwi are often seen in the wild. Its supercritical extract has good antioxidant effect and can be used in cosmetic formulation adjustments.

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It is called Yanshan Ginger in Chinese medicine and can be collected all year round. In Taiwan, mo...

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